Pulling Back the Curtain on Motives: Discovering the Whys Behind Conflict Behaviors

When assisting others in conflict, we tend to rely on familiar ways of interpreting the behavior of others. Conflict professionals can benefit from expanding their skills by adopting a variety of perspectives. Adopting new interpretive lenses encourages us to ask better questions and aids in creating greater empathy between parties. In this session, attendees will learn a multi-disciplinary approach for engaging conflict interactions in new ways, drawing from the fields of social psychology, communication and human performance technology. By expanding our awareness of root causes, we open more avenues for helping others engage productively. In this session, attendees will learn new strategies to build upon existing knowledge and enhance their current skillsets in understanding and responding to conflict. Participants will practice new strategies with role plays and group exercises. 

Oct 28 2022 10:15 - 11:45am MDT