Preparing for OSEP’s Differentiated Monitoring Activities of Your State's Dispute Resolution System with CADRE’s Resources

Being able to tell the story of your dispute resolution system, backed with evidence of compliance and effectiveness, are critical components to successfully navigating OSEP’s DMS 2.0 activities around your State's dispute resolution system. Using CADRE’s tools and resources we’ll identify the Federal requirements for overseeing compliant mediation, written State complaint, and due process complaints and hearings, and, more importantly, explore how to demonstrate your system’s alignment with IDEA. Together we’ll cover the three evidence streams of documentation, implementation and articulation. We’ll brainstorm together strategies for preparation and sharing the uniqueness of your program. Included, we’ll explore the critical function of data, considerations for stakeholder feedback, as well as identify examples for demonstrating the integration of dispute resolution into the larger general supervisory responsibility of the SEA/LA.

Oct 26 2022 2:00 - 5:00pm MDT

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