IDEA Hearing Officers- Stages and Phases in a Hearing Officer's Career Path

Join two IDEA hearing officers from various states and stages in their careers, as they discuss their tips, tricks, challenges, and solutions at this phase of their career: beginning hearing officer and mid-career hearing officer . 

Claudette Rushing will discuss what she has learned as a new hearing officer and share insights into areas such as obtaining your first state hearing officer contracts, hosting your first hearing, scheduling various hearing matters and responding to motions, and ideas for using technology to serve state agencies during the Covid pandemic and beyond.

 Terri Hagen will discuss what she has learned in her decades of experience as a hearing officer, state review officer, and hearing officer trainer. She will share her thoughts on the best ways to write orders, work with parties, and tips and tricks she has learned along the way along with her current greatest challenges as a midcareer Hearing Officer. She will share her insight and advice to new hearing officers and insight into best practices for drafting orders for IDEA hearings.

The presenters hope to engage participants in dialogue and discussion about their own career paths and experiences, in order to both reflect and to grow best hearing officer practices nationally. 

Oct 27 2022 10:00 - 11:30am MDT

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