Odilla Sidime

Conflict Management Specialist
RESOLVE Conflict Management Services

P.O. Box 22481
Oakland, CA 94609
United States


ODILLA SIDIME, J.D., is the founder of RESOLVE Conflict Management Services where she offers conflict prevention, intervention and resolution tools to support parent-school partnerships. She has invested the majority of her career on issues that impact outcomes for children and youth as evidenced by her work as a special education and foster youth attorney, college instructor, school-site ADR program coordinator and substitute teacher. Ms. Sidime was among the inaugural roster of ADR practitioners to work with one of California's largest single-SELPA school districts to help parents and schools navigate the roadblocks that can prevent students from receiving appropriate special education resources, accommodations and services. She has extensive experience as a mediator, facilitating IEP meetings and difficult conversations; and coaching educators and families to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Through her work, she empowers parents, students and school professionals to interact with intent and achieve positive outcomes.