Jim Gerl, J.D.

Jim Gerl is a Pennsylvania IDEA hearing Officer.  Before that he was a special education law consultant and the author of the award winning Special Education Law Blog. He was an IDEA mediator and a hearing officer for West Virginia for twenty-nine years, and has been a hearing officer for Utah, South Dakota, the U S Virgin Islands, Delaware, and he was an IDEA hearing officer and chief mediator for Washington, D.C. (2009 to 2011). He has also served as a state complaint investigator for New Mexico and South Dakota. Jim has spoken at numerous CADRE conferences and may other national, regional and state conferences and trainings. Jim has received a BA from the University of Illinois-Urbana with departmental distinction in political science; a master's degree in public policy analysis from the University of Illinois-Chicago; and a law degree from the University of San Francisco.