Diana Nadeau

Dispute Resolution and Equity Specialist

Diana Nadeau recently joined CADRE in May 2021 and serves as a Dispute Resolution and Equity Specialist. Diana offers universal, targeted, and intensive technical assistance activities, learning community trainings specific to conflict resolution options within special education, and cultural and linguistic competency-specific programing. Diana received her BA in Theater and Communications from the University of New Hampshire and is a certified mediator with experience in family, teen, elder, community, and workplace mediation/conflict resolution. Through years of training, Diana has acquired skills in systems-level thinking and improvement, collaborative problem solving, diversity-equity-inclusion continuum awareness and learning, and nonviolent communication. As a parent, Diana has years of lived experience navigating systems of care and various education systems as an advocate for her youth.

Diana brings to CADRE a foundation of mindfulness training in the Tibetan tradition, practices she has been teaching since 2013. As a longstanding member of Oregon Mediation Association (OMA), Diana led a seminar on bringing mindfulness to conflict resolution in OMAs 2019 Annual Conference and has been a longtime volunteer mediator at the Center for Dialogue and Resolution. Very recently, Diana was the South Oregon Regional Manager to Oregon Family Support Network (OFSN) before joining the CADRE team. At OFSN, Diana supervised the Wraparound program, was involved in the Lane County’s System of Care governance, and holds a Traditional Healthcare Worker certificate as a Family Peer Support Specialist. Inspired by earlier years as a K-8 private school teacher working with youth experiencing mental health challenges, Diana wrote and received multiple awards for two children’s books, Lighting the Earth and Pola’s Flower.