Diana Autin

SPAN Parent Advocacy Network

35 Halsey Street, 4th Floor
Newark, NJ 07102
United States


Diana Autin directs the SPAN Parent Advocacy Network, and co-directs the Region A Parent TA Center, NE-PACT. Autin co-directs the FV Leadership in Family Professional Partnerships center funded by the US Maternal and Child Health Bureau, and directs National PLACE, advocating to enhance the impact of families and family-led organizations at decision-making tables. Autin has directed SPAN for over 27 years, and has 35 years of Parent Center management experience. She served for 5 years as a consultant for the National Center for Systemic Improvement on data use and EI Family Outcomes. She worked with the IDEA Partnership in development of Leading by Convening and Creating Agreement collections. She is on advisory committees for the National Center for Cultural Competence and the Region 1 Equity Assistance Center. Recent awards include Lifetime Achievement Advocacy (NJCDD 2022), Champion for Health Equity (Family Voices 2022), and Reclaiming Children (National Federation of Families 2018).