David Carrales

Co-founder and Consultant
Ed21 Consulting Services

5016 W Park Dr.
Austin, TX 78731
United States


David Carrales is a co-founder and consultant with Ed21 Consulting Services. David spent more than seventeen years with the Texas Education Agency, with responsibilities for statewide data collection and analysis for the State Performance Plan/Annual Performance Report as the IDEA-B Data Manager. David has a passion for the transformational power of data — making information actionable to reach a positive outcome. He is a firm believer in Mark Friedman’s “Results Accountability” approach to making measurable improvements in our communities. One of his current consulting projects is the design and management of a data collection process to measure the fidelity of implementation of a Facilitated IEP (FIEP) process and the impact of the implementation of FIEP across multiple districts in a Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA) in California.